Myth: You have to cut your hair to get dreads....

Myths are described as a widely held but false belief or idea and boy are there a lot of them when it comes to dreadlocks!  People ask “do you have to cut your hair to start dreads quite often and I just want to state the circumstances when this is necessary.


Dreads can be started on all natural hairs 

and textures provided you have the required length.   Unless you are adding extensions, you should try to have a minimum six inches of hair to start dreadlocks for straight hair.  On super curly hair, while you could start on hair about 3 inches, you want to keep as much of the hair when you begin.


Here are some reasons you want to start dreads on longer hair:

  • If your hair is shoulder length or longer, you are not required to do the twist method.  In fact, using the twist method is quite difficult to do with this length for some stylists.

  • The way or method to do the dreads changes so no need to lose any length.

  • The locking time is usually shorter.

  • The dreadlocks look real;  but you still treat them with the same careful handling as you would short twists.

  • If the ends of your hair are frayed, it is still okay since it can be pulled in the dreads.



Here are the circumstances under which you would cut

the hair to make dreadlocks.  if you have: 

  1. Relaxers 
  2. Black guys’ waves
  3. Curly permanents
  4. Hair is in bad physical condition, e.g. knotted and very different lengths.


Wondering do you have to cut your hair to start dreads?  Get advice from someone knowledgeable before you commit. 

 By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


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