If you were born before the 90s, you probably have photo albums 

documenting your journey to adulthood.  They were usually big, cumbersome things that were placed on shelves or under coffee tables for eternity.  Visits from family, friends or being bored to tears were the only reasons it was brought out.  Today, you could use them for building muscle if you could not afford the pandemic prices for gym equipment.

When the iphone was launched, everything changed. 

People could now use a portable phone to store millions of photographs.  Millennials changed the game and  it became the way for documenting your journey to dreadlocks, with DIY videos on Youtube etc.  What was incredible to every generation that came before them was their willingness to show all areas of their lives!  Nothing was sacred.  Add developments from Facebook.  And Instagram. And Snapchat. Entire lives are open if you are willing to see.

One useful thing that came out of documenting your journey

was the time stamps.  If you started dreadlocks from 2 inches of hair, you could look back at it.   When your locks started budding and the many times you took a selfie, is within your hands.  I never remember when clients started their dreads.  They can find that picture in a minute.

Phones have become those photo albums now.  Documenting your journey to dreadlocks can be the one thing that stops you giving up when your hair acts up.  Who wants to slip and end back down at the foot of that mountain?

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


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