There are all types of conditioners available on the market for any hair type. 

There is one type called a deep conditioner that claims to smooth, repair, detangle and strengthen; but does deep conditioning really work?

The majority of the people who ask for a deep conditioner, usually have passed the point of an easy return.  They have watched the hair fall, break or disappear for a period of time before they make an effort to repair it.  Being the highly-motivated procrastinators humans are, we figure we will fix it sometime in the future. The future happens when either the spot goes bald, the hairline has left or a section of hair looks like someone used a blunt object to cut it and didn’t finish the job.


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One of the frequently asked questions hair stylists get  is does deep conditioning really work?

It does, but that depends on why you are requesting one.  Here are a few examples when it works but might not be enough:

  • Your hair has broken off and you have not done a haircut.
  • You have straightened it manually or chemically, and the hair is fried.
  • Your iron and/or nutrition is low.
  • You continue to do hairstyles that pulls the hair tightly.
  • You never ever do regular trims on the ends of the hair.
  • You do not deep condition regularly. 

The hair needs care as you would your nails and skin so does deep conditioning really work is a yes if you use it effectively.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design