Have you ever seen someone with a 

beautiful head of hair that made you jealous, just for a minute?  This happens to some people who wear dreadlocks a lot! The dreads are so full and long and seem to have a beauty all their own it makes many people ask does sectioning really matter?


Sectioning plays a very important part in 

making dreadlocks.  It makes the dreads even neater and goes a long way in improving some people’s facial features. Where it is most important though, is in the overall look of the dreadlocks.  Only in neglect dreads does sectioning not matter, but over time some issues might develop when the dreadlocks mature and start to grow longer. 

Sectioning becomes important for the following reasons:

  • If the partings are done in straight rows, when they get longer the person’s scalp will show through the dreads.  This is why some people dislike when they are freshly done as they look as if there is bald spots.
  • Improper sectioning causes some dreads to look bigger, causing anything smaller to look very thin.
  • If the sections are small, when the dreadlocks start falling over the shoulders, thinning at the roots becomes an issue.
  • If the person has thin hair, making thin dreads is not always the solution, it usually makes it worse
  • I prefer a bricklayer pattern for sectioning because the other random partings tend to overlap other dreads and this leads to tangling if left too long.
  • For styling the dreadlocks it makes it easier if the dreadlocks are in some organized fashion.

The next time someone asks does sectioning really matter, you have six good reasons to tell them it does.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design 

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