I was reminded of a song that was popular during my childhood when I 

chose to write on does size really matter for dreadlocks.  The song entitled “Wear Yu Size” by Lt. Stitchie,  throws “shade” on women who buy shoes too small for their feet. I did not know it was a thing until a I witnessed a close friend do the same thing!  I am seeing similar instances of people with odd dreadlocks. Many people installing dreadlocks have no knowledge of hair density.


Hair density refers to how many strands of hair grow per square inch of your scalp.  It determines

how best to style your hair.  When making dreadlocks or adding extensions, this is very important.  Density varies from person to person.  I have found race does not matter because every ethnicity has people with fine, medium or thick hair.  However, people with bad nutrition do experience hair loss that reduces overall hair density.


If you can see your scalp without moving your hair, your hair density is low.  On the other hand,

the hair density is higher if it is difficult to see the scalp. Many people have thin sections in the front and nape areas but this does not mean all the hair is thin.  Why is this important when it comes to dreadlocks? You will have breakage or thinning if the dreadlocks are too big or too small.  Knowing how big or small to make dreadlocks is a skill.  It is developed with time and observation.  To know if the size is right for your hair:


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  • Does the hair feel thick enough based on the partings made?
  • After you reach 3 months in your dreadlocks journey, are they still thin?  Remember, we are planning for the future, not what they are now.  With shrinkage they will be half their size.
  • Do your dreadlocks hang by a thread when you go for a retwist after three weeks have passed?  If so, they are probably too thin.


Does size really matter for dreadlocks is evident when you are six months to a year in the locking stage.  Thinning and breakage indicates either lack of care or too little hair was used for the dreads.  

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design