People with long dreads are at risk of being insulted because of the new rage:

dreadlocks extensions.   Everyone is curious  when your hair starts getting long and among other things you may get asked is does your hair grow with dread extensions?  I am still amazed how much the acceptance of extensions has grown.  I cannot believe I am using this phrase, but “back in our day”, people would go to considerable lengths to hide the fact that they used a foreign object to lengthen their hair!  There are still some who do, but only your rival would care.

These days, people with long dreads get asked the same question all women of African descent with long hair 

get:  is it yours?  If you have sassy friends of African descent, they would reply in the affirmative even if it was purchased.  Most times, saying you like the hair is all they need to hear.  Those advertisements with supposedly poor people of african decent sporting shaved heads had us fooled too until we learned of their draconian school requirements.  Also, many women do not get longer hair because of bad nutrition and poor work habits.  Who has time to look after super curly hair with a house, a tight work schedule, children, husbands and relatives to look after?

The answer to the

question “does your hair grow with hair extensions?” Is Yes and No.  Here are the reasons why:



Your hair will grow with dread extensions if:

You buy the proper size for your hair type, so not thicker than your hair

The length of your natural hair can manage the length you bought.  For example, your hair is five inches long and you bought eighteen-inch length dread extensions.  They will be too heavy.  If your hair is eight inches, it would work better.

Your hair will not grow with dread extensions if:

The extensions are too heavy for your hair.  The weight pulls the hair at the scalp causing breakage.  This can also be caused by them being much thicker than your natural hair.

The extensions were not put in properly.  It can cause the dreads to warp and pull on the natural hair causing breakage.


If the hair is not maintained regularly, the extensions become a burden for your real hair.

If you style them and do not remove them on a timely basis, the weight of the extensions will cause breakage.

If you wondered: does your hair grow with dread extensions, they do.  You just have to care for them as you would your own hair.  If you are cannot do your hair, then you have to add some more dollars to the hair budget for regular maintenance.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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