People are obsessed with hair growth!  Checking how much the hair has grown from

one month to the next is normal and most want to know does your hair grow with dreadlocks?  How many new dreadlocks clients refuse to have dreads done if it is not past the neck line? The sales for dreadlocks extensions is a high sales area that millennials have again opened!


I am constantly being asked how short beginner

dreadlocks will be during client consultations.  The idea that the hair will be short sends shivers down the back of some. They are also not necessarily interested in extensions either, so the next question naturally is:  does your hair grow with dreadlocks? The answer is a definite Yes! But with explanations:


Dreadlocks grows hair much faster than any other method because of the following reasons:


  • The hair that would normally fall out daily is sealed inside the lock
  • If you maintain it regularly and keep it soft and conditioned, it shows.
  • Healthy eating habits are excellent in dreadlocks hair growth.
  • Many people who could not grow long hair normally, with dreadlocks have seen their hair grow past the shoulders.
  • Twisting, palm rolling, crocheting keep the hair at its full length.  Interlocking, where the hair is passed through the root in certain motions, will remove some of the growth.  It will seem like the hair has not grown, but some of the length was just taken back.


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 If you have fine, thin hair and are wondering does your hair grow with dreadlocks, you should definitely try it!  Many of the clients with this type of hair now have long flowing locks, even I get jealous!

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design