Over the years I have noticed that most people care for their hair by 

following what others do.  As kids, we would see our friends get into trouble for copying another friend.  The angry parent would ask “ If your friend jumped off a ten-story building, would you follow him too?”.  After, that child would be thoroughly quizzed after every request to go out.  When it comes to your hair, you should be that parent!

We have been taught that success leaves clues.  This is true for most things, but sometimes you

have to make adjustments for your situation.  Many of the clients that continue to have hair issues watch certain influencers.  They like that person because they have their “perfect hair”.  The influencer will show the products they use to achieve this result.  However, will it work for you?  Here are things to look for when you choose an influencer with “good hair”:


Is the person of the same race?  

You may say “I don’t see race” all you like.  Using products made specifically for straight hair will not work the same if you have some curly hair e.g. 4C hair.  Products for straight hair do not give the same amount of moisture required on some hair types.  Flat irons for straight hair can be at a much lower temperature than those required for kinky curly hair.  The blow dry lotions sometimes will not straighten the same even if you follow what others do.


Is the person biracial?  

Being bi-racial will have a strong influence on what products you can use.  People who are bi-racial have a mix of two races.  In the case of a black/white bi-racial child, the hair can look kinky curly, but if you use the right products, it will have a larger curl.  

Sometimes the bi-racial person has dark brown skin, but this does not mean their hair has a tight, kinky curl.  The reverse is also true.  They might have very light skin and light eyes but the hair can be 4C curly.


The person looks like you, but have you looked at their hair closely? 

Before using the advice of the person, stop the video and zoom in on the hair.  If it has the same texture (curly, wavy, straight) as yours, chances are the products might work.  Listen for any titbits they might say.  If they mention that they are part-something (i.e. a mix of certain races), that could change your outcome if you are not the same mix.


Can you tell if the person is wearing hair extensions?

Unfortunately, many of the hairstyles seen in photos/videos were edited or hair extensions were added to get the look.  It can be difficult to tell if the person has or is a great stylist so be aware.  Check out the person’s Bio for previous photos from when they first started. You can sometimes tell if they got extensions when you see their original texture.


After your hair is done, does your hair feel and look good?  

If after three times you notice your hair is dry and tangles a lot, this product is not for you.  When you go to purchase something else next time, check the ingredients list to see if it is for your hair type.


Did you check if they have Normal, Oily or Dry Hair?

For example, they may have straight hair, check!  Shoulder length, check!  By the end of day they are oily, check?  No.  My hair is super dry at the end of the day.  Help!  

You need to pay attention to what the person is saying and make decisions carefully.


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How often will you have to do this work?

Listen carefully for hints on how often the influencer has their hair done.  Once a week is ideal.  Can you keep up?  Sometimes it is hard to follow what others do.

Following what others do only works if the person has the same problem you do.  I have not discussed price since as they say in financial circles, price is only a challenge in the absence of value.  Some people need to buy better hair products so the hair looks as good as their clothes anyway.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design