Cue the pompoms & confetti:  we are back!  After a short week, though, I 

must confess that going back to work standing all day has been a bit of a challenge.  All those days of putting my feet up have not really benefited me.  The soles of my feet became convinced they would be on permanent vacation!


Imagine, day 1, I booked a full day.  By 2:00 in the afternoon, I noticed my feet felt a little uncomfortable. 

I wear comfortable shoes as I pointed out in my blog: “Good shoes for Standing All Day”, so this was odd.  Well, turns out that evening they were really wailing by the time I got home!



While examining my feet to find the cause of the discomfort, I noted

one big change:  my feet were soft.  So soft, I was like the princess in Princess and the Pea, only for my feet!    All that hardware on the soles have disappeared after a year in quarantine.  How am I to survive going back to work standing all day?


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I checked and there is no immediate fix but I have stepped up my mission to harden my soles again.  What else can you do if you are going back to work standing all day?

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design