ne  of the first things they teach you when you start hairdressing school is the importance of good shoes for standing all day.  Of course, being new, you take notes and comply with the rules.  However, once you go looking, you notice that good shoes for standing all day are usually not cute.

I love going to hair 

shows and seeing artists on the platform.  They wear these gorgeous outfits and footwear that make you want to go shopping.   After you have been doing hair for a while, you realize your feet need care too.,  Those heels with the bells and whistles hurt after a few hours.  Do this for a few years, and you gladly go to buy those ugly clogs.


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A more experienced hairdresser advised me to wear good shoes in my early days of hairstyling. 

I brushed her off.   She made the mistake of wearing these “old lady” shoes when she offered this advice.  I never wore anything over 3 inches because I am pretty tall and the salon chairs only go up so far,  but I wasn’t trying to look old either. Well, guess who had balls to get some recently?  Pain will let you do some things you never thought possible, ask me, I know. 

So, If you are in one of those jobs that requires you to walk around, get some good shoes for standing all day.  Many people end up crippled by pain in their old age because pride wouldn’t let them get the “sensible” shoes.

By Paula Barker,  Silkie Locks Hair Design