I have been at my location for several years and had great Google for

business- reviews.  Recently, however, other places have opened nearby and I now have an issue of people going to salons nearby and saying they came to my business, particularly, since most of the time, they had bad experiences!

In the last two years, many people have made appointments

with me and never turned up.  I call them when it is past the time but there is no reply.  In a few days, however, there comes a google for business – review from someone I never met.

Do not for a minute think I am painting myself as a saint here.   There are two reviews that I can tell you I

expected.  After many years in business you expect to have some challenges:

  • One was from someone who called and asked about a service.  After confirming that I provided the service, figuring out a possible price, the person proceeded to ask if I was “one of those salons where clients are left waiting for hours”.  I assured them that I honor my appointments and am always professional.  The person proceeded to ask the same question several times and I figured we were not going to make it as a couple if they were going to speak to me in that way. 
  • The second was from a person who I corresponded with via email.  Images were exchanged and examined and the final look agreed upon.  Let’s just say from the beginning of the appointment, they directed the whole service.  The finished style was totally different from what we discussed and I felt I only did what I was told.
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I usually will not argue with people’s opinions on Google for business – reviews but clients who do show up advised me to speak up about this issue.  Therefore, before you leave a bad review on a business profile, please ensure you got the right business.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design