I think we should clear up any mix-ups people have about hair covers for

black hair.  Recently, some competitive swimmers were almost left out of the Olympics because the swim caps for black hair were not approved.  What could have led to this hesitation?  These athletes trained extensively to reach that level.  They did not, like Samson of bible lore, receive help from a higher power through their hair!

People with straight hair should experience having super curly hair.  It can feel like having a crazy friend.

You need to take special care to get the results you want.  These are some of the reasons they needed  hair covers for black hair:

  • Your hair, like making bread, will grow in size over a few hours unless you put a product like gel, for hold.
  • Hair elastics are bought in bundles, not singles, because they break easily when confronted with a moving bush.
  • If the hair is braided, it still needs to be covered and those tiny caps for straight hair will not cut it.
  • Fixing super curly hair needs to be done every time one decides to
  • change a style;
  • go outside;
  • rest your head;
  • wear a hat;
  • play with your hair after it was done

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Swimming has not had many female athletes of African descent , which could be why there was a hold-up approving the hair covers for black hair.  Certainly, women of African descent will have different hair covers – changing hairstyles is something we do daily.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design