Many times when you work in hair styling, you will encounter different examples of hair customs

and superstitions.  When they do happen, you will probably not be prepared as these things happen at random times and with the most normal people.


When you work in a field that involves close interaction with people, you become aware of the various

cultures or beliefs that are not usually apparent.  Some clients will let you be aware of things they expect or need and others you will find out if you cross an invisible line. As you grow as a hairstylist you learn to deal with these situations as you gain experience.

The most common ones I have had are:

  • Maybe you do a haircut and they will ask to collect all the hair in a bag so they can take it with them
  • You may see a grey hair and the person firmly demands that you do not remove it as it will cause 6 more or that it is essential to preserve it;
  • There are ladies that do not allow their bags to be put on the ground;


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If you encounter these situations, it is best to respect the request and avoid making snide remarks or being dismissive.  Your job is to make the client as comfortable as possible even when they have different hair customs and superstitions.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design