Many people are curious as to how hair extensions work but are shy to ask. ¬†Hair extensions have been around ¬†with the Egyptians, so its been happening for hundreds of years. ¬†If royalty had to resort to extensions, what’s a every day girl to do?

Although extensions are being used by all, women are usually more comfortable talking about it.  Losing the hair is still traumatic for most men, evidenced by the dreaded comb-over. Nowadays, Men do have extensions for faux locks etc. but conventionally, toupees were favored by older men.


How hair extensions work is by either:

  1. increasing the length,
  2. thickness/volume
  3. changing one’s hair color
  4. becoming the only hair you have.

Increasing the length

If you wish to try short hair or have hair pass your bottom, it’s possible.  How hair extensions work is that it can be sewn in, glued in, braided in; the possibilities are endless.  Depending on the type of hair used, the cost also varies.  Before you run out and buy some, remember to consider how long you want to do this.  Most extensions need regular maintenance, so you have to make a budget to keep up.


If you have always had thin, lank hair, this is a solution for you!  You can  get clip-ins; cold-fusion; sew-in; a half wig or a ponytail?  One has to be cautious that the extension is not too heavy on the real hair.  During touch-ups, ensure the real hair is not thinning.  I always try to change the way the hair is done so that the same hairs are not being used.

Changing One’s Hair Color

This is the easiest way to try color without the commitment.  It is made even easier now that hair extensions are available in all textures.   Buying the extension in the desired color is recommended.   I have found you can color the extension, but sometimes because of the processes it has been through, the color or the extension might not work.

Becoming The Only Hair You Have

This is a cloudy area, in that, sometimes clients have hair, but they might have alopecia or bald spots on the head,   The bald spots can be caused by prior mishandling of the hair; unprofessional use of chemical products, trauma or medical issues.  Hair extensions can be used to cover the lost hair but especially in the case of  alopecia, a visit to your doctor or dermatologist is recommended.

Hair extensions are a great way to try new looks.  There are countless brick and mortar or online boutiques and shops to do research on what you want to do.  The hair business has grown so much, every hair texture and length is there for you to try.    At Silkie Locks Hair Design, Ottawa, we ensure your extension looks natural.  If you ever need to change your look, give us a call.

Paula Barker