I did a previous blog “what are Hair growth patterns” in 2017 and have 

received several requests to talk more on the subject.  Honestly, I did not know so many people had this issue without realizing it.  Sometimes, people get their hair cut in a new style and say the haircut was terrible. The problem can be that the hairstylist is too inexperienced to see how the hair growth pattern will affect the haircut. She gave the right haircut, your hair growth pattern just changed the game.


Hair growth patterns, i.e. cowlicks, whorls, double crowns, widow’s peak and duck tails, occur

on the heads of many people.  They do not become a problem until you cut your hair too short or try to switch sides for parting.  It will stand up when all the other hairs around lay flat.  It will keep this look until the ideal length is back or you go back to where it likes. Gel, hairspray, whatever, usually does not work.   Therefore, before you decide to get that cut that is trending, remember your hair growth pattern.

I remember one particular client with lots of hair but a small face.  He had at least four whorls and a cowlick.  Each time he came, I would have to guess which way to cut it next.  Normally, I have an idea how to do a person’s hair the second time around.  Not with this guy.  It seemed they changed position each time.  He became a regular because I must have been the only one fascinated by the challenge to make it lay the way I wanted.  


If your hair sticks out in a certain place when you get it cut, you probably have a hair growth pattern  

there. These are some of the areas they frequent:

  • At the back of the neck:  If it is a ducktail,  a shaved haircut is uncomfortable to grow back.  
  • If the pattern is in the middle of the head, it grows wider with age.  After a while it appears like you are going bald, but the hair is still there. 
  • A tuft of hair sticking out at the front of your hairline means a cowlick.  My pet peeve is people who cut their child’s hair short leaving this piece sticking out every time. I know you are trying to save on going to the salon too often but OMG!

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Sometimes it is not easy to know you have a pattern unless your hair is cut short.  If you have an area that stands on end when cut, open the area to see the direction it goes.  When you get it cut next time, stick to a style that is long enough for your hair growth pattern to relax.

 By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design