I have had quite a few people ask the question:  haircut before or after a  

retwist?  It sounds like a strange question but post pandemic, it has become a very real issue.  Clients were bringing it up because their locs were getting thinner after a fade!

When things returned to normal after 2021, many people had long, flowing hair that they had not

seen since elementary school.  Delighted with this growth spurt in their hair story, most refused to go back to short hair.  There was an increase in the number of people getting high top dreads, full head dreads, box braids and twists. How the style is most popularly worn, a fade is a necessary addition.  The fade could be two inches wide or take the whole sides of the head depending on the look preferred.

I mention the pandemic era because one of the after effects

was that people got used to looking scruffy and a bit wild.  Beards became a thing.  Having dark roots with blonde hair became a style that carries on to this day.  Folks that had locs started leaving them undone for longer periods.  This led to them having massive roots of hair but they did not mind.  This also led to the hair for the locs and the hair that would normally be faded being blended together.

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Barbers are there to give that tight fade.  Therefore, uncombed or unseparated hair will be caught in that fade if you do not inform them and pay close attention.  This is where the question:  haircut before or after retwist,  comes in.  I would say, do your retwist before the haircut.  The loctician will have all the hair for the locs for the retwist.  Many a time guys and gals have come in with half of the roots of their locs gone because they had a cut before. 

 By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

Books:  “Talking Hair”, Filling My Head” & “Dreadlocks, A Hairstylist’s Manifest”.