In 2017 a revival occurred in the hair cutting industry, this time with widespread acceptance.  Haircut patterns or haircut designs made a huge comeback and interestingly, older clients were open to it.  As I said, this is not a new trend, it has reared it head temporarily over the years, but only in the younger age group or for men.

This time around, more mature ladies( shock and horror!) are trying it!  They are shaving the sides and the back–and trying out patterns!  I was blown away when I started seeing this but very empowered that women are pushing the boundaries.  Previously, the only women who did this were either ‘punk’ or ‘goth’.  Halle Berry was rocking it at the SAG Awards.  Now haircut patterns have gone the way of the tattoo, everyone wants to try it!

I think it is great to try, but know these things before you do:

  • In order for the pattern to show you need to cut the area really short, think:  almost bald;
  • Be careful of the pattern you choose.  A client and I had an interesting discussion recently.  She wanted this pattern and while I thought it was cute, recommended she get something less showy.  She felt I was saying she was ‘too old’, No, I had to explain that it was not a good idea because of her conservative ***work environment, and the fact that she had no hair to hide the design.  Let’s face it, your boss will be very concerned if his best agent starts wearing shooting stars in her head to meet his mature, conservative clientele.  Funky is one thing, messing with the bottom line is another.
  • If you fall out of love too soon, there will be regrowth pain time, which will take a few months.

The patterns vary from really intricate to just a simple line.  Try to keep it classy if you are over a certain age or it will seem like you are clutching to your youth.  For the more intricate patterns, you might want to see a trained barber.

Having hair to cover your pattern is the easiest way to hide it so make sure you leave enough to do this.

By Paula Barker,

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