Hair salons are allowed back to work and whew! it was just in time because

I think most of us were hanging on by thread!  If the Premier had extended the emergency measures once more I would have had to do a sit in outside his offices!  There is only so much holiday one can take!  Seriously, I was really getting concerned.  The government was very good at buffering our unplanned confinement but for people like me, it took staggering the bills to keep all the wolves at bay.


It is wonderful to be 

back at work even with the restrictions.  My concern after the third extension of the emergency measures was that the hair of clients with dreadlocks would be hanging on by a thread and in a lot of the cases it was.  I have done more repairs for dreadlocks than normal maintenance.  In fact, the repair was the maintenance.  


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Most dreadlocks can survive two months without falling

apart, but three months is pushing it.  I did a couple of posts on retwisting and a few told me they tried it with some success.  The rest were too busy looking after kids and housework plus homeschooling.  Can I say how happy I am that I do not have an elementary school child?  Parents have now added full-time school teacher to the list of supervisor, cleaner, doctor and counsellor to their list of obligations.

Thankfully, all the dreadlocks under my command are no longer hanging by a thread and have been returned to smooth and lovely.

 By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design