I spoke about hedging their bets from a client perspective in my previous 

post.  Now I want to look at it from the hairstylist’s perspective.  God knows, over the years I was able to experience it from both sides! 

How some ethnic salons operated and some still do even today, was hairstylists tried to maximize

their income by multi-tasking:

  • Several clients would be told to show at a certain time.  If all did not show up, there was at least one guarantee.
  • The stylist would start the service on each of the clients.  
  • At various points, they return to a client who previously had a service started to complete another step.
  • A lot of the time is spent waiting while someone was given a chemical service or a roller set etc.  Someone may have to wait their turn for a bonnet hair dryer.
  • If all goes well, they leave in the order they were started.  If not, it would depend on the service required e.g. a wash and style takes less time versus a chemical straightening.
  • A client could arrive at 9:00 am and because of this multi-tasking, not leave until 2:00 pm in the afternoon.
  • Other clients would arrive from time to time during the day and wait to be seen. 

At the end of the day she would have seen the same amount of clients as a stylist who worked by appointment.  However, she would work 4 or 5 hours more.


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Recently, I had someone ask if I was like those stylists who liked hedging their bets.  I let her know that I am very professional and work by appointment.  This answer did not satisfy her based on her review.  I was not prepared to deal with her post-traumatic-stress from previous stylists.  

First world stylists could not operate in these environments.  Immigrants can because finding someone who is able to manage your hair type is usually limited.  Keeping your job while trying to look presentable is important too.  They do not mind stylists hedging their bets as they get to turn up when work allows.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design