When people fear that something might not go their way, they do what is 

“called hedging their bets”. In the salon industry, I feel we are seeing more people doing this practice.  Since the lockdowns, many people have tighter work hours with less time or wiggle room. 


It still happens that many ethnic salons will overbook.  This happens because of a series of

employment circumstances in ethnic communities that have worsened since reopening.  These are:

  • Some people will try to keep all their shifts at work but take an appointment between shifts knowing it is impossible for them to make it.
  • They will make an appointment, get a shift then cancel on you.
  • They will work long shifts and pass out on their day off, completely forgetting their appointment.
  • They have a family emergency on the day of the appointment.  The stress causes them to forget you.
  • They get an earlier appointment elsewhere but forget to cancel with you.
  • They play “call all hair places”; show up to whoever gives them the earlier appointment, despite taking a space with everyone else.  Leaving stylists stranded with an open space they could have filled.

Many salons are starting to put in place charges for clients who often cancel at the last minute. The

increase in last minute cancellations have caused this.  Doctors’ offices have been doing this for centuries.  Many businesses facing this challenge are taking note.

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The lockdowns affected everyone.  It is no wonder that they are hedging their bets to earn more income.  Salons were closed too and are trying to rebuild.  Missed appointments are lost income.  Clients can help stylists by giving enough time to get someone else in. 

By Paula Barker,  Silkie Locks Hair Design