The rise in the popularity of dreadlocks, also gave rise to the increase of people 

wanting instant locks.  Now, many people are asking, how can I make my loc extensions look natural?  Not all dreadlocks extensions are the same.  Some people have no issues if it looks odd, as long as they can do dope hairstyles.  Others care a lot, and these are the people we are talking to today.


You have to be of African descent to understand the stress that is involved in getting hair extensions.

The only other people I know feel the same pressure, are people in the limelight like actors etc.  Nowadays, I see people with hair extensions with tracks showing in public! Growing up, if anyone asked where the extension was, it was the ultimate compliment.  I remember a co-worker, standing over me, demanding to know where my extensions were.  They were at the front, right under her eyes.   I never told a certain coworker my business after that! That is the true idea for wearing hair extensions. Where they start should be undetectable. 


Loc extensions are made from synthetic material, human hair and sometimes wool.  If  you decide

to try them, these are some things to know: 

  • Always pay close attention to the look of the extension.¬† It should look as close as possible to your hair, when it’s made into dreads.¬† If, for example, your hair is super curly, try to get them made from curly extensions.¬† If your hair is straight, the same applies.¬† Usually it is the texture that gives you away.¬†
  • The feel should be similar to your hair.¬† Prickly or stiff¬† hair is uncomfortable.¬†
  • There are some synthetic fibres made to look just like curly hair.¬† They definitely give the¬† uniformed look for dreadlocks. However, buy them in the colour you want to keep from the start.¬†¬†¬†
  • ¬†Size your dreads before buying the extension.¬† Big extensions on thin hair do not look natural.¬† This is also not good for your hair as it is heavy.¬† This can result in breakage later.¬† To figure out the size, part your hair in the size you want and twist.¬† I do not recommend buying larger dread extensions and adding¬† your hair.¬† If you want a style for two weeks, go for it.¬† If you want dreads for a year or longer, get them as close to your size as possible.¬† Many people overestimate the thickness of their hair.¬† A long heavy extension is not comfortable on thin hair.


I hope this answers your question on how can I make my loc extensions look natural.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


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