If you have had to travel

or had a hairstyle that you absolutely  could not mess up, you have probably wondered how can I sleep without messing up my hair!   How many times have you done your hair at home before travelling because you would not have time to see a local hairstylist?  If it is for a very special occasion like a wedding of milestone birthday, you want to look really great and hair preservation is the only thing in mind until you leave or the event passes.

How can I sleep without messing up my hair

is also of utmost importance in other circumstances e.g. you always mess up your hair by day two of having it done.  While this also happens if your hair is not trimmed regularly, in this instance, I am referring to sleeping without a head cover.  If you sleep without covering the head, it is difficult to keep the hair neat.  Some people move constantly while they sleep, so the head wrap gets lost at some point overnight.  Nevertheless, you should try to find something to put on the head or consider a satin pillowcase as the alternative. 

It is best to wrap your hair

if you have a relaxer, perm, dreadlocks or natural hair etc. every time you sleep.  Yes, you are able to sleep without a hair covering but we all know what we really look like when we wake up in the morning.  Hair be standing on end like we got electrocuted or so knotted you moan when you look in that bathroom mirror!   Wrapping it at night stops breakage and you definitely look better.  

The head wraps should be

of a silky material or stretchy like that fabric used for exercise gear.  Cotton can work but over time it rubs and causes friction.  Cotton also sucks out all the moisture from the hair over time.  I should warn you that some silky wraps make you look like your great grandmother so choose wisely if you need to look cute.   Head wraps come in multiple colours, sizes and lengths.   .

I also have challenges figuring out how can I sleep without messing up my hair, but you try your best and you lose the wraps less over time.


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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