Recently, I was completing some work on a client’s hair and after about the 50th time attaching some dreads, I had a thought:  how do you appreciate a teacher? Well, in that moment, I had so much appreciation I decided to make it the subject of this blog!

In high school, we were required to do home economics and let’s just say, I was not the best at it.  In cooking classes my muffins looked like hard baseballs, my cake never did rise, it was a mess! We got to the point where it was passable, and I did get a passing grade. Next, I think we did crocheting and some sewing.  We were being taught to be resourceful young ladies who would one day run their household.  At the time though, we felt imprisoned except when we got to eat what we made.

Today, I am making repairs to dreads and crocheting them after.  Who would suppose that something I barely learned so many years ago would become essential to my work?  All those hours of “useless” crocheting makes my work look incredible. The teacher, Ms What-ever-her-name-was would give me an A+ now!.  And this was why I wondered, how do you appreciate a teacher you thought was just picky for something so trivial, so unnecessary?


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I said a silent “thank you” to her for the patience, the skills, the need for turning out great work that she and all my teachers instilled in me.  How do you appreciate a teacher? Brag about them, eventually.


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design