It’s July and Ottawa, Canada, is the humidity capital of the world!  All the ladies with

super curly hair are asking how do you keep natural hair from frizzing in humidity.  Isn’t it glorious to have regular  stuff to complain about after that confinement?  We all just want to run outside but this humidity is making us volunteer to stay in!


People with straight hair will never understand the struggle of people with curls.  You spend all your

time taming it and get one balmy day, and bam! there goes your hard work!  If you have ever spent 2 hours doing your hair and there is even a hint of rain, you understand that trip is cancelled.  Just as husbands and friends with straight hair look at you all confused when it is lightly snowing outside and you are reaching for your toque and you put the hood up.  


While there are many products that fight frizz, you have to choose the one 

that sounds like your hair.  For super curly hair, I recommend not going for straight if it is a really hot day unless you travel in a cool car and are going to be in an air-conditioned area.  Most products work up to a point, but once you start to sweat, the curls come in.  If you can, you should try wearing your curls on these days.

Curls will take a few tries to master if you have been 

straightening your hair for a while.  The first day is not the best, but by day 3, you will see a vast improvement.  After the shampoo and conditioner, comb out the curls to remove any dead hairs.  Wet the hair again and apply your moisturizer, pomade or soft gel.  Using your fingers only, scrunch your hair or rake it like a comb.   .

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If you have not cut your hair in a while, it still needs a trim to stop the frizz.  You could dry the hair with a diffuser if you have looser curls but air drying is best if it is super curly. No comb should be used until you are about to wash it after a week. This is the secret on how do you keep natural hair from frizzing in humidity.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design