Social media has done an excellent job of making folks openly go against 

everything they were taught by their parents . There are now many cases where people who have had their dreads for a long time are wondering:  how do you make your dreads bigger? The power of social media has taken a style that was previously never serviced in a salon setting and made it famous!

The ‚ÄúBoomer and Gen Z‚ÄĚ eras saw people do mostly

pencil-sized dreads Рif they were brave enough to get them.  There were outliers of course, like the Rastafarians, who let theirs forge together into long, thick ropes.  But, for the most part, most dreads were on the thin side. Fast forward to the Millenials who changed the game, as they do everything, and wanted congo, wicks, and even flat dreads.

Being famous through hair is happening because everyone wants to be a celebrity.  People with thin 

dreads are demanding a remake of their dream hairstyle.  In order to help you figure out:  how do you make your dreads bigger, here are the steps I use:

Option 1

  • You will need¬† to string a needle with thread
  • Decide on the size of dreads you want
  • Starting at the nape, group the number of dreads that will equal that size
  • Pass the needle through the dreads, from root to tip.¬† The thread needs to pass through all the dreads separately to ensure they stay in place until they lock.

Option II

  • You will need a 2-prong or 3 prong dreading needle
  • If the dreads are loose enough, you can crochet them together, passing the needle¬† through all the dreads until they make a solid one. ¬† This can be difficult if the dread is very hard.¬† If that is the case, Option I might work better.

Option III

If the dreads are very thin, I will braid them together and crochet loose hairs in to make it appear more like a dread.

While you consider:  how do you make your dreads bigger, you also need to note that this is just a trend.  Oftentimes, trends come and go.

By Paula Barker, Silkie locks Hair Design