Depending on how often you maintain your dreadlocks, at some point you 

might have to figure out how do you reattach a broken dread.  No one likes to lose hair and If you were to go through a locking process, losing a dread would be catastrophic!

Over the years, I have heard a lot of stories about how a dread was lost.  Some in fights, others in doors and maybe sitting in a chair.  I have also heard of people using other products like glue to reattach a dread, but this usually leaves that part of the dread hard.  The fact is, it makes it easier if you do not lose all the hair from the root.  That little bundle of hair makes the attachment easier and quicker.  If all the hair is pulled out, the client has to wait for the hair to grow back.


When you reattach a broken dread, you have a choice to:

  • sew the dread to the hair that is left
  • crochet the root.
  • Make a knot

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The reason most people ask how do you reattach a broken dread is often from an accident, but mostly it is from neglecting to maintain the hair regularly.  A regular schedule for maintenance is best.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design