If you have ever braided your hair for any period over a week, you have

probably asked how do you unbraid hair without breaking it.  Braids have been done on naturally curly hair with or without extensions for centuries.  For persons with super curly hair, a protective style for winter months is important.  This is done with extensions and saves time and energy with haircare.  But, when it comes time to take them out, if care is not taken, ouch!  

Braids with extensions can vary in size from micro to box braids.  Length is also optional.  One can go

from practically bald to Rapunzel if you so wished.  Minimum length is 4 inches on super curly hair to about five or six inches on straight hair.  You could use less length in both cases but if you are adding extensions, it is best to have something the extensions can hold onto.

To answer the question how do you unbraid hair without breaking it, here are some requirements you

should note: 

  • Braids should be taken out in two months, at the latest.  Most breakage happens because the roots have grown out and the hair cannot support the weight.
  • It is best to spray the hair heavily with some type of conditioner/moisturizer to make it softer.  
  • The extension should be cut just below where the real hair ends to save time.  A tail comb will speed up the removal from the ends.  A wide tooth should then be used to comb the real hair once the extension is out.
  • As each braid is taken out, it should be combed out immediately.  Leaving them until they all have been taken out is asking for hours of detangling trouble.
  • When you have taken out a few e.g. four or five, lightly braid it so it does not shrink and clump together.
  • The hair should then be shampooed and conditioned, possibly given a treatment before being combed out again.  After putting some oil or moisturizer, it should be braided to keep it stretched.
Having the answer to how do you unbraid hair without breaking it will help preserve your hair length and keep it looking at its best.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


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