en with longer hair has been one major result of the lockdown.

Since they need it groomed, they are asking how long do men’s braids last.  Back in the day, they would have been forced to cut it by society or friends and relatives. The men who came out of the lockdown totally owned their growth and took steps to keep it.


This summer also saw more men asking for box braid styles with bigger braids. For a natural

hair stylist, if you did not know who Travis Scott or ASAP Rocky were, now you do.  All types of box braids are trending.  The longer hair you had apparently the stronger your social currency.  I was pleasantly surprised how well men will manage their hair than some women.

How long men’s box braids last will include the following:

  • Box braids usually last about 2 weeks.  They cannot be washed if you want them to last the 2 weeks.
  • After one week they start to lift from the head because the hair has grown.  You will need to remove them after two weeks and have them redone.
  • If the braids are washed or become wet  they lose their smoothness.
  • Most hair look best if it is blow dried before making the box braids.
  • Braid Extensions make the braids last longer.  Although most guys usually want their own hair, they sometimes use extensions if the hair is short.
  • Box braids require hair at least 4 inches long.
  • Sleeping with a silky head cover keeps it smooth longer.
  • If you sweat from any activity, gently pat the water from your head.  Rubbing is bad for the braids.
  • Use a shower cap when bathing; a plastic bag will work if you are in a bind.
  • Using product when making the braids will make them pretty like those in YouTube but remember those people mostly get their hair done weekly.


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If you wondered how long do men’s box braids last, now you know.  You might not make it to two weeks the first try but if you keep at it, you will.

 By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design