There are some challenges that other people say they 

understand, but you have to be born with it to get it:  straightening 4C curly hair is a big one! Since it has this uncontrollable need to curl, travelling any great distance or being proactive and having your hair done in advance requires military precision, because how long does a silk press last on 4C hair?


One of the main things to 

remember is that humidity is the mortal enemy of any hairstyle, but even more so for super curly hair.  Not until straight-haired friends, boyfriends and husbands have seen the routine women with curly or frizzy hair go through to have their hair straight for one day, can they fully understand why she turns into a rabid animal the instant they dunked her in the pool or wet her in any way.


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While there is no guarantee that the 

hair will not revert to its natural form, the answer to the question how long does a silk press last on 4C hair depends on the following:


  • The hair does not come into contact with water 
  • If rain is in the forecast, run home before it starts
  • Sweating is not allowed; so working out or any activities that require hard work are immediately cancelled
  • Pool parties, seaside lounging or water balloons etc are forbidden
  • Sleeping becomes a delicate matter of not resting the head entirely on the pillow, in fact sleeping upright could be a good thing.

If care is taken, the hair can last up to a week and I have some superstar clients who over the years have managed to keep it for two!  

Of course, this takes some practice and I have found that it stays longer on hair that has been trimmed properly and in good condition.  So, the answer to the question how long does a silk press last on 4C hair is that, all things being equal, it depends on the client’s behaviour after it has been done.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design