I had no idea so many people had extra-long dreadlocks!  Now one can see 

more people with hair skimming their knees or even ankles, but how long is too long? I try having extra-long hair all the time but cannot keep it for long.  Hair extensions at mid back get put in a ponytail ASAP.  Growing hair that long takes dedication and a willingness to go against norms imposed by society.  Once your hair passes a certain length, the commentators either love it or hate it!

Maintenance for extra-long dreadlocks usually involves doing a lot of repairs.  As a hairstylist,  I

have found that everyone’s hair grows to a certain length.  When they try to go past this length, the hair starts to put up some resistance.  Dreadlocks are no different.  The partings done when they began, now become too small.  In order to keep them going you will need to make a few adjustments.  Some things to strengthen extra long dreadlocks  include:

  • If the dreads are thinning at the roots, shaft and ends, it is best to start joining them.  
  • Sometimes the person complains that their dreads always look messy.  This can happen If the client stopped separating at the roots. You will notice the dreads joining halfway the length and making an upside down “v”.  When this happens It needs to be joined to make a single dread.  Some people like it, but too many looks like a disaster.
  • If the client says dreads fell out, ask them to bring them in and add where necessary.
  • Try to make the dreads look even.  This means getting rid of thin, straggly ends.  Always ask if the person objects to any cutting first.

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How long is too long for hair is a purely personal matter.  I know my thoughts on what hair length is best for someone else matters only to me. If someone decides they like their hair sweeping the ground, it is not our business.  My only input is to give the best advice on how to keep them looking great.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design