Styling locs has become a huge deal, especially if you frequent social media. 

When they get the hair put up etc. clients will often ask “how long should I keep my locs in a style.” For the icons on social media, frequent change is a necessity.  However, for other people, a loc style is just to keep the hair neat.  The social media icon is, therefore, far more motivated to change their style regularly while the others will take longer.  

As I do a lot of loc maintenance, I see how they look based on what the

client has been doing.  The question “how long should I keep my locs in a style”, is a bit tricky since the time changes based on what style is chosen i.e:

  • Locs done in the enormously popular 2-strand twist,  can keep for a longer time.  However, because it
  • stays neat longer does not mean you should not wash your hair in two weeks.  They will still look nice but dust will build up around the twists.   
  • Locs that are curled, can be kept in for up to two weeks also.
  •  A braid with the locs, updos or styles that require rubber bands, I recommend taking down in three days. 
  •  If you look at a loc strand when it is done, it is the same size all the way until it tapers at the end.  When you look at a strand that has been braided for four days or more, the areas where other locs were resting on them will become thin.  The loc strand is now thin at the root, in the middle and at the end depending on the length..  If you keep this up, you will eventually need a repair.

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Please note that you can keep your hair in a style if you are maintaining it weekly.  You can always change the style after three days so the same locs are not under strain.  These were my recommendations for the question “how long should I keep my locs in a style.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design