The use of dreadlock extensions has exploded in recent years but

how long do dreadlocks extensions last?  There is no longer any shame  attached to wearing hair extensions even for men.  The range of prices available has made it possible to find extensions at most price points.

Makers of dreadlock extensions can be found on

various platforms.  However, one has to do extensive research as to the quality of the extensions.  Every supplier has a method for making the dreadlock extensions; a type of real or synthetic hair they use and provide guarantees on the quality of their product.

What is important to know about “how long do dreadlocks extensions last” is whether you

want synthetic or real hair.  

Synthetic hair 

  • has the look and feel of real hair but tends to snag and in some cases lose the natural hair look.
  • What I found happens a lot is synthetic fiber is marketed as human hair.  It thins out at points where you put a rubber hair tie or lay the dreadlocks on each other.
  • Needs a lot of repair because of the snags.
  • Can last as long as real hair with proper care.

 Real Hair

  • Lasts a long time especially if it is well made.
  • I advise buying the dreadlocks in the color desired as most times the color might not take or it damages the locks from all the washing to remove the colour.
  • Is more expensive.

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How long do dreadlocks extensions last? That depends on several factors.  These include:

  • Care taken in maintaining the dreadlocks e.g. being careful not to keep them in tight ponytails or hair styles and retwisting on a timely basis.
  • When buying the extensions, do a thorough research through reviews.
  • Sometimes the cheapest/expensive options are not the best.  
  • Avoid using too many gels etc. on your hair.  Like real hair, they start to look dirty after a while.

That being said, dreadlocks extensions are the perfect way to get that length ASAP.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design 

Books:  “Filling My Head”, “Talking Hair” & “Dreadlocks, A Hairstylist’s Manifest”