Starting a dreadlocks journey will be different for everyone but when you 

do, how many locs should you start with?  To answer this question we would have to know a number of things including what texture is your hair, the density etc.  Once you know these things, however, how many you will have is anybody’s guess!


If you look on any social media platform especially Instagram or Pinterest, you would see lots

of people with gorgeous dreadlocks.  Anyone seeing the healthy, well-maintained, usually long, dreadlocks posted there, are bound to feel some kind of jealousy sometimes.  Some people get that it will take them some time to get there, but others figure they can start right away.  This can have an interesting ending since many times the hair is different.


I know I go on about texture, density and you are all probably tired of hearing about genetics! 

Unfortunately, these all play a part in deciding how many dreadlocks you start with.  For example:

  •  if you want dreads an inch thick when it shrinks, you should make them about 1 ½ inches
  • For dreads about ½ inch thick, you probably should start them ¾ inches thick
  • You have to make allowances for thin, fine hair since the size will probably shrink by half
  • Some hair textures need to be thicker at the beginning, as when they pass the shoulders they tend to thin out.
  • If you use the backcomb method before crocheting dreads, the dreads will look much thicker than they will be when they lock.  This is an important point to tell clients who want “thin” locks because they cannot be thin in the beginning.

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I always tell anyone I am making dreads for that I can only determine the best size for them when I touch the hair.  How many locs should you start with? There is no number, it is what looks good for your head.


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design