The most asked question this summer had to be :  how much does dreadlocks with extensions cost?! 

The millennial generation has the gift of making anything go viral and this new fad was no different.  As more of them found out that it is possible to have instant, longer dreadlocks, everyone wanted in! The problem being:  most were not prepared for the budget-busting prices!


To let you have a clear idea of how much

does dreadlocks with extensions cost,  here is how a typical session goes:

  1. Hair on head sectioned into (possibly) 1 inch partings.
  2. Each parting is made into a dread by the loctician
  3. The extension is added to the dread 


Sounds simple?  Yes it does, but consider someone with hair about twelve inches long requiring this service on a full head.  If you have to make about 60 dreads, it could take 4-6 hours or more depending on the stylist. It might take another four hours to add the extensions.  If you started at 9:00 am, hopefully, you are done by 10:00 pm. By this time, both of you are exhausted and want to call it a day!


The cost for this session would include:

  • make hair into dread –  times rate per hour + adding extensions – times rate per hour
  • Number of dreads:  60
  • For example:  for 60 dreads taking  8 hours @ $40 = $320.
  • Cost for dreadlock extensions $200 and up for human hair; synthetic usually costs less but can also go in the hundreds. This is of course using a low estimate as it depends on how many dreadlock extensions you buy.  It is always better to buy more than you estimate as sometimes the person’s head takes more than planned.

In this example, I assume you bought the extensions.  If the stylist makes the dreadlocks, we would add:

  •  the cost of buying the hair to make the dreads.   
  • what you pay for making the dreads
  • Total =  cost of the hair + time for making the dreads + costs of installing. 


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This is why it is difficult to give a firm price on how much does dreadlocks with extensions cost.  There are many things to consider, so be sure to adjust your budget accordingly.


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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