I don’t know what drives a trend but if dreadlocks were a stock, It would be a definite BUY!

The single question that I get asked daily is “how much does it cost for faux locks?” I mean, everyone wants dreadlocks and even if they do not want it permanently,  they all want to be part of a trend that is blowing away racial and social barriers!

If you were a stylist that braids, you possibly would not have hands to keep up.  Many people call asking how much does it cost for faux locks; expecting to come in the same day to have it done.  Faux locks take time to do and depending on the method chosen, can actually cost a bit.

This is especially true if the client wants to have smaller locks.  The more locks with extensions, the more time, the more money it will cost you.


Estimating how long the installation will take is really difficult,

so here are some factors to consider if you want to have this done:

  • To have an idea of how many lock extensions to buy, you will have to part your hair out in a rough amount of how big or small you want your dreads to be.  Count how many this is and get a few over just in case.
  • Lock extensions come in synthetic or human hair.  There are people who sell on various platforms like Etsy, Facebook and Amazon. You will have to read the reviews to vet the quality of the extensions.  Not all makers are legit and I sometimes read of people who got scammed or had issues with the quality of the work.
  • If you are looking to have extensions for life and you start out with synthetic extensions, be aware that you will have to get rid of them eventually.  They start to look worn the longer you have them. Also, try not to get them made into much thicker locs than your natural hair. When they grow down the ends of the loc will look thick and your hair will look thin and half the size.
  • If you start with human hair, also try to match the size to your hair to keep the loc even.
  • Be sure to colour your hair to match the extension before adding it.  If you want the extension in another colour, buy it in that colour. Extensions go through many chemical processes before they reach the consumer and sometimes will not stand up to constant washing.
  • Since new locks are fragile, doing a colour is out of the question until they are firmly locked.
  • When looking at the types of lock extensions, try to get the ones that most closely look like your hair.  If your hair is more like “yaki” texture, do not buy ones that are made for someone with a smoother texture.  The difference will be very noticeable.
  • Most stylists will charge by the time it takes–You will need to make a budget for the purchase of the hair, shipping if it is coming from a supplier, the price the stylist gives you.  It is not uncommon for this to cost in the hundreds. The cost of upkeep-e.g. Once a month visit to the salon if you are not good with hair, should also be put in the budget. 
  • Installation could take anywhere from a couple of hours to all day depending on how fast the process goes, the method chosen e.g. pre-made extensions versus having them made and how many locks have to be put in.  


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These are just some of the things that are important when you are looking into how much does it cost for faux locs.  Those that do them, find pleasure in finally getting the hairdo they always dreamed of, and this is enough to justify the cost.


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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