Even if it’s not real, you need to know how to care for your faux loc 

extensions.  With the variety of colors available, faux loc extensions are a great choice if you want to try something new.  Dreadlocks extensions are the new way to get longer locs with or without the commitment.

Faux loc extensions are a less expensive option to getting dreadlocks.  They cost far less than human hair ones but require the same amount of care.  In fact, I would say they might need more care if they do not match your texture exactly for those added for length on real dreads.  It is better if they look as close to your hair as possible.  Shiny, plastic-looking dreadlocks extensions do not look good if you have some 4C hair textures for example.  While on someone with a 3C texture it might blend more.  

It is important to know how to care for your faux loc extensions in order to keep them for longer. 

Care should include:

  • Checking for any loose areas on the dread if it was added for length 
  • The size of faux locs added for length should be the same as your hair.
  • If your stylist adds hair each time you get it retwisted, you need to watch it does not get too heavy or twice the size of your real hair.
  • Faux locs tend to snag or get strands pulled out easily.  Check for any loose strands and pull them in.  Everyone does their dreadlocks differently so how this is done depends on who you use.
  • Faux locs are usually less heavy than real hair but I feel you should keep it a manageable length so there is no breakage.
  • If your faux locs are done like braids, they should be redone in two months.  If they are added for length, you should check them at one month.

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It is quite simple to manage how to care for your faux loc extensions:  treat them as your real hair and do regular maintenance.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Lock Hair Design