I just came to realize that many people, 

especially women, have no idea how to know when it’s time for a haircut!  As a hairstylist, I think I took it for granted that everyone knows this like they know they need to wash their hair regularly.  Well, turns out, it is not that easy.  They have the capacity to find inventive ways to ignore breaking hair until they are starting to bald!


I made a list of the things that will show how to know when it’s time for a haircut:


  • Split Ends:  This is when the ends of the hair are frizzy and uneven.  There is usually quite a bit of breakage in the hair.  On natural curly hair the ends will be dry and little round bits of hair fall everywhere. 
  • Colour damage:  The hair looks dry, lank and straight.  There is no life and the style has no movement.  Hairstylists see this a lot with blondes who want to reach 22 inch hair. 
  • Heat damage:  The ends will “fly away”, literally, and to keep a style you probably have to curl them under. 
  • Always Wearing the hair Up:  This is usually because leaving it down shows the damage of short and jagged parts.  
  • You cannot comb out your hair without using lots of conditioner or detangler:  When you look in the comb after, there is a lot of broken hair. 
  • You constantly have bad hair days:  you have not cut your hair for over 4 months or years.
  •  You are always swearing your hair doesn’t grow.

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I know you had a bad experience and now you shudder every time a haircut gets mentioned.  But, when you have a nightmare, do you stop sleeping, or do you decide to have a better night next time? Maybe watching horror movies before bed is not such a good idea?  The point is, if you are not sure how to know when it’s time for a haircut, ask for a consultation to see how much would have to go, and psych yourself up to it.  Waiting will only make matters worse.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design