The authorities may have put my salon on lock down but in staying active in

my other business I was having challenges on how to look good on video conferencing.  I admire video influencers because I know how much work they put in to look fabulous all day.  What the quarantine has taught me is that I will have to change because going forward, this might become the new norm.


This is my take on how to look good on video conferencing:

  • Look Perky:  I know, this is hard at 8:30 am for some people especially since it’s a quarantine and you can’t dash out to your neighbourhood Timmy’s and be back in time.  And, the home brew is just a tad lame?
  •  Put on a Smile:  Well, not a full smile.  That’s weird. Try to do some mirror work so you know what works for you when you put your face a certain way.  Videos are harsh.


  • Clothing (maybe some jewellery):  Most say something professional on top.  I would put something passable on the bottom too, just in case you forget and have a faux pas.
  • Posture:  My SO always says physicality before mentality.  Anyways, sit straight and avoid slumping after 30 minutes!  Remove your hand from your jaw and look alert people!
  • Background:  We judge okay.  I am that person who has a panoramic view of the world.  Pick up your clothes off the sofa; get rid of the crockery; and lock your doors so none of your kids, or naked roommates wander in the background.


  • LightingThis is an essential service you need to have.  If you are like me, you might have to make a small investment in this area.  Nothing expensive, just great lighting makes you look even better.
  • Hair & Makeup:  you have to do your hair and makeup–even if the makeup is minimal.  The hair is a biggie.  You can try the ponytail, but on video, not everyone looks good with this without full on model-shoot makeup. If you have straight hair, do a blow dry.  If you are curly, you might have to do some bantu knots overnight or gel with some baby hair with a piece in the back.  If you have dreads, you need to twist the dreads on the first and second rows so it looks neater.  This style looks great in a ponytail though!
  •  Zoom has a setting called “touch Up My Appearance”.  Try it, you might like the effect. 

Still Closed.  When We Reopen, Please Call Us At (613) 789-2179 For An Appointment If You Are In The Ottawa, Ontario Area. 

You will not need to ask how to look good on video conferencing if you put these tips into effect, or you could be like most people and close that video or post a picture.

 By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design