As a parent there comes a point in time when you have to consider “how can I

prepare my child for university/college”.  Hopefully, you are not like most that are only concerned that the books and living quarters are in order.  University/college life is more than just studying. Things that an adult takes for granted, are now your child’s responsibility!

I was speaking with a client and he told me in passing that he had come

to the salon because he got tired of doing his hair.  I was curious.  What was it that he would do to his hair exactly?  He told me of some of the styles and I was impressed!  His mother had trained him to make his hair so he would be able to manage while at university.  Imagine planning that far ahead!  Most of the other students with long hair had no such direction..

In a previous post I discussed the need for parents to consider “how can I prepare my child for university”,

because it is a real problem.  At home, the majority of folks do helicopter parenting which leaves their children with no life skills.  Here are some of the areas your child needs preparation  in before you sail them off:

  • If you are not going to fund hair appointments on a regular basis, ensure the child knows what to do with the hair on their own.  They should be comfortable fixing their hair for a prolonged period as when those assignments become due they will not have time to go to a salon.  Sometimes, I do not see them for months and they look ragged from stress.
  • The child should be taught to make, change or cancel appointments.  One of the challenges of working with new entrants to universities/colleges are the no-shows for appointments.  They completely forget they booked appointments when assignments are due or they forgot they had a class.  It is quite stressful for them when too many things come up.
  • As a parent, avoid lecturing them on cultural rites, e.g. if you encouraged your child to take a PhD., do not start demanding they find a husband/wife in the 5th year.  You knew the course would be long and fraught with dangers such as lack of funds sometimes.  Your child has no time to entice a partner, work and get the honors all at once.  This is especially hard for the girls who still have to remain prim and proper.
  • Relatives should not be allowed to harass university/college kids for money because they came abroad.  The amount of times I had them tell me of family and friends that constantly ask for funds is unbelievable.  Most of the time they are stressed about making money for rent!

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I am not saying you should not discuss life matters with your child .  I am saying be careful of things you say to them when you call or visit.  When you are considering “how can I prepare my child for university/college” you should also remember they have feelings and self doubt.  University/college is a whole new world that they are learning to navigate.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design