Have you ever passed on a new hairstyle because you did not know how to prevent puffy hair after straightening?  Did you ever flat iron your hair repeatedly and spray it to death but as soon as you stepped outside the curls came rushing back?  Humidity is not fun when your hair has any kind of curl!

Some people say they like winter because their hair does not frizz but I am not one of those lucky ones.  My hair will find a reason to frizz so I am very careful if I do not have a texturizer or extensions.  Ladies going through that phase where hot flashes strike with regularity also agree humidity is not a friend.  So how do you prevent puffy hair after straightening?    You will need to do the following:

  1.  Gather shampoo, conditioner, towel(s) wide-tooth comb, blow dryer, straightening balm or product, hairspray, clips, brush (boar bristle/paddle  etc., flat iron, tail comb.
  2. First, if your hair has not been combed the same day, comb it out before you wet it.  Wash the comb with soap if you do not have another one as you will need two in this case.
  3. Shampoo and condition the hair taking care to not to get the hair tangled.  Comb the hair out while the conditioner is still in it, then rinse.
  4. Towel dry the hair to almost dry, slightly damp.  Squeeze the water out while doing this.  Do not rub or you will have the fun job of detangling it again.
  • Put the amount of product recommended by the maker in the palm of your hand.¬† Rub the hands together lightly to spread it over your hand and apply all over the hair.¬† You can put a little more if you have bombshell hair but the amount should be enough.¬† If you put too much product you will see little flakes flying while you are blow drying.
  • Put the vent attachment on your blow dryer and blow the hair moving to different areas of the head until it feels almost dry.¬† This step will ensure your straightening lasts so please be patient.
  • Section the hair in 4 parts¬† using a clip. Start blow drying the hair section by section until the whole head is done.
  • Flat iron the hair in the same way until done.
  • Apply hairspray.

If your hair has split ends, you will have to get them trimmed to make the hair look great.  The results get better the more you do it and figure out what works for your hair type.


By Paula Barker, Silkielocks.com

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