Clients who have or want to get dreadlocks, often ask how to wear dreadlocks at work.  It is an important question simply because appearing professional at the workplace is essential.  Getting let go because of your hair is usually a long shot, but it has happened.  While more places have embraced the hairstyle, one must remember that properly maintained hair is  requirement whether hair is straight or locked.   Therefore, even if you like your hair “crazy”,  moderation is always a good thing if you work in a conservative environment.

Some styles I have recommended to my clients are as follows:

  • Ponytail bun:  Gather all the dreads in a ponytail and wrap a covered band over it.  I do not recommend elastics as they will cause the dread to thin at the area it rests.
  • Half Ponytail:  (a) Put a headband and make a bun in the back or (b) leave the rest of the hair to hang freely.
  • High Bun:  Gather the dreads into a ponytail on top of the head and wrap in a circle before putting a band to hold.
  • Braided Half-ponytail:  Braid the front of the head into as many rows as desired then gather back into a ponytail.
  • Take 3 or four dreads (depending on the thickness) from the front  on each side of the head and tie with a covered elastic band in the back and leave hanging.
  • Take 3 or 4 dreads and make a braid on each side and tie with a covered elastic band in the back.
  • Make partings down the head and braid to the nape.  Gather into a low bun.  If the hair is short stop it just behind the ear and leave the hair out.
  • Dreads can also be cut into a bob or blunt style or layered like straight hair.
  • Make 1 or two French braid from the dreads.

You can definitely be more creative and try other styles but if you have two-left  or two-right hands as most people, these are pretty simple styles to start with.

By Paula Barker,

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