We woke up to snow this morning. Honestly, I was relieved to have only one

season of clothes to worry about.  It also got me thinking it was time to figure out how to winterize your hair care routine.  The cold takes most of the moisture from hair and skin.  Those creams and moisturizers used in the warmer months are less effective.  More intensive formulas are necessary to avoid flaking out in exposed areas.

For girls with super curly hair, the month of September signals

a need for protective hairstyles.  Braids, wigs and other forms of hair extensions provide that protection from the elements.  They also give you an extra 30 to 60 minutes to thankfully sleep in.  Your intensive care kit should include: 

  • A spray moisturizer for natural, locked or braided hair.
  • Silk headwaps/scarves/bonnets
  • Deep conditioning for in-between care when hair/extensions are taken out 
  • Hats/toques 

I find leaving your extensions out can cause them to get roughed up.  The technology has changed in hair manufacture.  While the hair feels more real, they tend to look more dated far quicker than the fibres of before.  To combat this, one has to watch how often they pass over our coats and scarves.  Actually, it is important to get good quality fabric that doesn’t shed for natural styles, especially locks.  I cannot tell you how often people need help removing lint from their hair.

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It will be helpful for you to research what other products can help you figure out how to winterize your hair care routine.  Winter lasts over four months here, but however long yours lasts, some extra care goes a long way.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design