If you are not getting regular treatments for your hair,

you should consider doing a hair spa at home.  It will not cost you much and usually you can use products you might already have in your refrigerator or cupboard.  Treatments are an added benefit for hair along with regular trims to keep your hair luxurious and shiny!

Many women will pick up a magazine just because the model

 on the front has these voluminous tresses that just seem to beg you to touch them.  Truthfully, there can be hair extensions, lots of mousse and careful staging but ever so often you see someone with the hair you want to have.  To get these tresses requires not only eating proper food but treatments with oils and conditioners. You can buy the conditioners and you could make your own.  


Ingredients for doing one mask for example can be 

mixing together an egg, olive or coconut oil, lemon juice and yogurt.  Various other household products you may use include avocado, castor oil, honey. A treatment can be done once every two weeks between salon visits.  These also help if you have chemicals to straighten or curl the hair.  A hair spa at home treatment is excellent if done a week before a retouch. For maximum penetration, you should either use a dryer or put the treatment when you are doing some vigorous work like house cleaning.  


It is that time of year when the sun is out in full force

and maybe you will hang out on a beach or a pool  somewhere. Sea water or chlorine are very drying on the hair so doing something until you get back home helps.  There are various examples of treatments for you to choose for your hair spa at home on the internet. This will help keep your hair in great condition until you can book an appointment with your hairstylist. 

By Paula, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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