Remember when you were a toddler and wanted…. 

something, perhaps to go somewhere and was told to wait, you would bellow “ I don’t have time to wait!”  The outcome was probably decided along ethnic lines, but this impatience has shown up in hair salons in a most profound way!  Dreadlocks, once thought to be the most radical and perhaps untouchable hair style has gone the way of hair extensions!

In the salon, this “I don’t have time to wait” mentality has spread to getting 

dreadlocks in the form of extensions. I am still asking myself why I did not think to make instant dreads back then. But if you grew up in that era, “real” was the currency of the day. Everyone who wore extensions wanted it to look “real”. There was very little tolerance for fake anything, so we grew dreadlocks or you were burnt toast. Now, the young people have no such hangups. They want long dreadlocks now and refuse to go through the messy phase.

Since so many people want instant dreadlocks, here are some actions you could take so you do not have to wait:

  • You can do faux locs if you want the look of dreadlocks but none of the commitment. There are so many textures available. you can have the smooth, silky look, or a more textured look that mature kinky dreadlocks have.
  • There are some platforms like amazon or Etsy who have dreadlocks for sale. They can be of human, synthetic or wool depending on your choice.
  • Ordinary people also post in various groups when they have hair for sale.
  • There are many synthetic dreadlocks for sale at most beauty supplies, but you should be mindful of what matches your hair type so it blends in when it is done.
    If you want colour, have it done before you do your dreads as washing colour out will loosen them.
    Did you know, getting dreadlocks does not have to be permanent, you can decide to keep it or not.
    When purchasing dreadlocks, buy more than what you counted in case it takes more than you thought
I am aware that a lot of people work and looking sleek is a requirement; this is one of the reasons they say “I don’t want to wait. Having said this, could they also remember to be patient with those of us who want to enjoy the journey and revel in the whole locking experience. By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design
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