It may seem that things are going badly for the start of the new year, but

you need to ignore the noise and focus on your work.  This Christmas was the quietest I have seen since 2020.  It was also the best in terms of being as close to a green Christmas you can get in this part of Canada.  There were people walking around in only a sweater on Boxing Day!


When I first started in business, I was not sure what would happen, I just knew I wanted my own.

  I paid no attention to how I would pay the rents, cover my other bills or any of that.  I only made sure that my bills were covered.  Incidentally, my landlord was helpful in that he did not appear at my door first thing on the due dates!

People would see my place and pop in to say hello.  A lot

of my best clients are from those early days.  Random strangers helped me by bringing cleaning supplies to remove graffiti from the walls; others would clear my entrance of snow before I got to work some mornings.  I have 24 hour security in the community that tells me what went on at my place when I am not there.  I don’t know them to talk to but if I am not there for a prolonged period, like a week, they ask if I am okay.


I say this to encourage any one of you who has a dream for 2024, ignore the noise and focus on your work.  If things do not go as planned, remember none of the billionaires was born with that knowledge, they learned it, just as you will. 

 By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

P.S.  I ignored the lack of noise this Christmas and the e-book of my first novel “Talking Hair” is now available on

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