Being quarantined and living on a tight budget, many people had to decide 

what was essential and this made them consider for the first time, the importance of eating the right kind of food.  While everything was normal, buying that burger and fries was a regular occurrence, but when you have no idea how long you will be confined, if you would have work or if food was being prepared safely, people no longer bought on impulse.  I bring up the subject of the importance of eating the right kind of food because more and more I am seeing people with hair issues because of their eating habits.


While they lived at home, many people had balanced, healthy diets because the parent/guardian

was in charge.  When they went off to school or moved out, they were in charge and could eat whatever they liked.  So often we hear people saying “I don’t like broccoli or vegetables”, and they say this in the hearing of their kids.  Soon, they are proudly saying their kid does not eat this or that yet they will let them have all the candy they want at Halloween or a whole large chocolate bunny at Easter.


Your hair’s growth requires certain vitamins, minerals and protein.  Eating what you like is fine

but do not complain when your hair starts breaking because you went on the latest diet that eliminates these things.  I question the thought process of women who regale me with tales of diets that cut say potatoes.  Okay, how do you think your body, that has to  give your energy, fight bacteria and ward off viruses, is going to react the first time you introduce it back into your body?  There must be bells ringing and shouts of “hallelujah” as the body tries to choose which area gets it first and probably decides to stockpile in case you start another diet.  Imagine if it gets no minerals, surely it is going to listen to the demands of your kidneys over your hair!


Doing fad diets or changing your eating style has a huge impact on your hair so before you go on another diet, consider the importance of eating the right kind of food.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design 



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