Many times over the years I have been asked the question, is 4C hair good 

hair?  How do you answer this question without slapping the face of your creator, your parents or other people who have that type of hair but no issues?  How you view an object will likely change your opinion.  Which woman has never seen someone with gorgeous hair and wished it was hers?  Wasn’t this why wigs were invented?


The texture of hair now labelled “4C” is an incredible example of diversity.  No two people with

4C hair can say their hair is the same.  The most popular types are:

  • super curly making tiny spiral curls.  This type is usually fine but very thick; 
  • Others have slightly bigger curls but may be coarse
  • Another type looks dry no matter how much moisturizer is added 
  • The last type is not dry but so thin, wind passing through it makes it straight. 
  • All the 4C types shrink to sometimes half their length when wet.
  • All require more moisturizer than straight hair to keep it sleek. 


If you understand this spectrum you realize how wonderfully complicated genetics is.  In 100 people of African descent, you can find mixes with all races..  This makes the hair types come in many combinations.  So, back to the question, is 4C hair good hair?  I believe all hair is good if you use the right products and eat right.  This is why your hair does not turn out like that influencer’s on YouTube.  Your hair might need a completely different set of products because life loves to make things exciting!

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design