Over summer there are lots of calls for a silk press on natural hair.  One of 

the questions you may be asked will be: is a silk press permanent? Do not get the wrong idea. Natural hair is more popular than ever.   But, sometimes, the ladies just want to switch it up and let the breeze run through that hair!


A silk press is a temporary straightening of natural curly or frizzy hair.  It can be done with either

a straightening comb, flat iron or a heated iron.  The irons can be heated or electric.  Many girls of African descent can tell you of the terror of getting this done.  Many ears have been hurt in the process but we never let this stop us. Looking good was everything. You just learnt never to let certain relatives etc. near you with a hot iron ever again. 

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Having a silk press done on your hair is beneficial for a few reasons:


  1. Usually, the hair is blown out with a blow dryer and a paddle brush.  This straightens the bonds in the hair making it easier to see the split ends.
  2.  You can clearly see where the hair has different lengths. 
  3. The fallen hairs that have built up in the curls are finally removed.
  4. The hair can be trimmed properly.


For exampleAs to our question:  is a silk press permanent?  It can become permanent in these instances: 

  • If you have been having your hair done regularly e.g. every two weeks, the hair begins to soften and stay straight longer. 
  • Your hair will lose its elasticity or lay flat if your iron is too hot.  The ends of the hair can get fried if you continue to use irons that are too hot. You will get split ends. Your hair may even fall off.
  • Hair that is softer, e.g. at the nape and at the front of your hairline and temples, start to stay straight all the time.
  • Should you want to wear your hair curly, those straight areas will stick out from your curls.  

To avoid this happening, you have to limit how often a silk press is done.  The texture of your hair is the indicator as to how much heat your hair can take.  A professional will not assume that a person with frizzy curly hair needs the highest temperature to straighten it.  Only a heat test will tell.  For example, some 4C hair may look strong but are easily straightened.  


    If you wondered:  is a silk press permanent, you can say, it’s possible.  But, with the correct heat and products for heat protection, you can stop this happening.

     By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design