As you get older, you will want to know:   is it better to go lighter or darker

to cover gray hair.  People react differently to going gray.  In my career, I  found the price of having lots of hair when you get older, is it gets gray!  Those who get to keep their natural colour with little gray, tend to have thinner hair or lose most of it!  

People that start going gray earlier in life and people with a full

head of gray, almost never look their age.  They are slightly traumatized to be gray at say 18 years old, but at 50, they might barely have wrinkles.  It is a trade off for looking old while they are young.

Gray that starts from the hairline needs regular touch-ups, either from applying hair colours, hair

mascara, powders, waxes, sprays etc.  Within a week, there is that regrowth of white peeking out.  If the gray is scattered over the head, it is easier to hide.  Whatever your draw, you will want to know if it is better to go lighter or darker to cover gray hair.  The skin is the best indicator of which way to go.  

As we age, the skin takes on a different tone.  The best way I can explain this

is most people cannot keep the same tone e.g:.

  • If your natural hair colour was darkest brown at 18 years old, at 48, you could still use it if you take care of yourself.  Otherwise, your skin tone  might cause you to go for a medium brown to a pale blond.  
  • If you normally use black hair colour, it starts to look extremely unnatural against your skin, so you should go for the darkest brown for that dramatic effect.
  • For blonds, you might want to go one or two shades up to add warmth to the skin.

Note that for those with super curly hair, who straighten

with a relaxer, you have a decision to make.  You have to choose whether you want to be gray with relaxed hair or curly with a permanent hair colour.  Unless you have tons of hair, you cannot have both.  After a while, having a relaxer and a colour causes the hair to thin.

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I have had people who had meltdowns when they found a second gray hair while in my chair.  Going gray is not a death sentence.  You should just figure out – is it better to lighter or darker to cover gray hair to suit  your lifestyle/job.  Should you choose to leave your hair as is, that is okay too.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design