After years of doing certain services to your hair, is it good to give your hair a 

break?  For everything in life, change is going to happen.  Hair is no exception.  Hairstylists can tell you stories for days of clients who lament the change in their hair.  The fact that they are now older; on a schedule of medications or have engaged in activity that is stressful for the hair, doesn’t seem to matter.  They want the hair of their youth!

There are various hair services that require you to consider giving your

hair a break after some time.  It is not that the service itself is bad.  It’s that after years of subjecting the hair to the same service, it gets tired. Some of these services are:

  • Blow drying 
  • Relaxers
  • Curly Perm/Jherri curl
  • Braiding
  • Hair Extensions e.g. weaves, fusion etc.

These services make the hair look beautiful but they have one thing in common.  After some time, the hair becomes brittle or thin either from the constant heat or products applied.  Growth stalls and thinning or breakage starts.

If you are one of the people noticing the change in your hair, you might be asking is it good to give your hair a break?  Taking a break from doing the service you have done all of your life does not mean you will die.  The break from the service should be for two to three months or more.  You can consider doing any of the following:

  • hair extensions, wigs or shock your loved ones by going natural for those that always did chemical services.
  • A major haircut; wigs; or doing natural hairstyles like twists or silk presses for those who only do braids or weaves all the time.

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Therefore, if you are asking:  is it good to give your hair a break? You should.  Years of doing the same service and using the same products will cause damage. Your hair will have time to build its strength again for the next round of services you will do on it.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design